Dirty Tech Business Practices: Hacking to Get Ahead

In today’s highly competitive internet cooperative space hacking is becoming more appealing than ever for a multitude of purposes. Credibility is everything in the intangible space. Perhaps you’ve seen your friends social media account compromised with malicious spam or links, a fake profile or two on a variety different applications, or even hacked advertising sites that may sell cars, makeup, gym equipment, or virtually anything. It begs the question – why?

While the answer is multifaceted since the intentions vary, there has been an increased amount of hacking for competitive and self-promotion reasons. Imagine you ran an internet hosting company and are in competition with the other thousand internet hosting providers. If you have ever priced out this service, you’d know there are many different tiers of service, customized service packages, and other add-ons. The most common upgrade path is due to high volume of traffic and when you are shooting fish in a barrel, it becomes all too easy.

Here’s the potential scenario: Host sells customer Bob service. Host then sells Bob’s site and a million others to a partner that has many spam bots setup perfectly in tune with the service that is offered and not picked up by the Host. Bob then needs to go back to Host to pay for help, upgraded services to handle the additional load, and perhaps secure his site with another upgrade. Who wins? Host and the provider. Who loses? Bob. Can Bob do anything about it? Yes! He can secure his website and prevent spam – something Boosted Lab does with every plan. As a result Bob is now secured, but only after spending more money with Host without realizing he’s overpaying.

Many times competitors will team up with spam services to hack into websites and soil their credibility. A few spam advertisements on a major website will quickly spread and taint the user experience and often-times overturn them to over to competitors. A common example is on ecommerce websites that offer expensive items for sale, such as cars, watches, boats, or collectibles. Word of mouth is a very strong advertiser in itself and a bad taste will spread quickly when a posted ad is found to be fake.

Yes, it’s all very dirty and very unfortunate. All the more reason to go with a tech team that’s going to ensure that you are up to date with the best practices for website security and help you establish a credible relationship with your current and future customers and clients.

Boosted Lab structures your website ground up with the proper protection so that you can sleep comfortably knowing that your site and online “store front” is secure. Shoot us a message if you’re ready for a conversation about the health of your online web presence.