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Digital Marketing saw it’s first emergence into the world in the late 90’s with the launch of many popular platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Ebay. The early days of marketing was a giant mess of keyword stuffing, excessive tags, and spammy content that would trick search algorithms into procuring results which seemed relevant to user intent, but in reality, lead the users to a dead end.

Since then, the world of marketing took many turns awith emerging technological advancements and ever-improving existing tools. Search Engine Optimization has become significantly more important as people harnessed these tools to find answers, locate businesses, research products, and order services. Just how important is SEO today

You may have heard how search result algorithms are constantly changing – which is true. Among other reasons, this is because “quick and cheap” tactics are still being used by Marketing Agencies who cut corners and avoid putting in hard work. These agencies inevitably incur the consequences when they are outperformed by competition, or worse, their client’s business are de-indexed (delisted from search engines altogether).

Since 2014 Boosted Lab has been dedicated to over-delivering Digital Marketing and Web Services to our clients with outstanding results. It’s no secret recipe – it’s hard work and experience. While doing things the right way may not be as quick or cheap, we believe marketing and web services should be designed to last. Our marketing campaigns are structured to deliver long lasting results that continuously reward your business with clients and traffic.

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Our mission is to help your business reach new highs, over and over. We've established ourselves in the digital marketing space as the best agency for marketing ROI, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, proven results. Shoot us a message - let's talk!

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Boosted Lab is a premier digital marketing agency based out of DFW specializing in web services, local SEO, national SEO, and Paid Search Advertising. We love growing companies to new highs over and over!

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