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    Grow Your Law Firm with an Award-Winning SEO Agency

    Fort Worth Texas is home to over 874,000 residents as of the last census, making the greater Dallas Forth Worth community an ideal location to grow and expand your legal practice or law firm.

    But you’re not alone, and that poses some serious challenges when competing for business…

    According to data from the Department of Labor and Statistics, there are more than 3,000 attorneys competing for business in Fort Worth alone. Expand that to the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and that number skyrockets to over 20,000.

    Why is SEO So Important for your Law Firm?

    Adapting to Client Demands and Staying Competitive

    Remaining competitive in the Fort Worth market means lawyers, attorneys, and the law firms they work for need to embrace and tap into the power of digital marketing.

    Today, Texas residents and businesses shop for everything online, from groceries to legal services. In fact, data from Google suggests that over 80% of ALL buying decisions are influenced by a search engine query.

    And when it comes to search engines, the 800lb Gorilla in the room is Google.

    Because of this, law firms like yours are increasingly dependent on leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to earn new clients, gain visibility, improve brand perception, establish trust, and more.

    Fact is, if you aren’t on page one of Google, you’re giving up business to the competition. Worse yet, you’re handing them billable client hours and revenue that will be further used to compete against you online.

    When it comes to SEO, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is NOW.

    What Can SEO Do for Your Fort Worth Law Firm?

    Standing Out Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

    Standing out in the sea of online competition can be difficult, requiring a creative approach, expert sales copy and visuals, and a knack for navigating Google’s complex and ever-evolving algorithms.

    But when done right, Law Firm SEO can have a tremendous impact on your business.

    Whether you’re a newly practicing attorney, established law practice, or an expanding nationally recognized law firm, we can help you get and stay ahead of the competition.

    At Boosted Lab we leverage the power of innovative technology and approaches, combined with creative minds and ideas to help your law firm rise in the ranks of Google.

    Increased Case Loads, More Billable Hours, and Consistent Growth

    At the end of the day, the primary goal of SEO is to earn your firm more business, higher-quality clients, increased case loads, and additional billable hours.

    Our legal SEO services ensure your website, digital assets, and brand is the first thing prospective clients see when searching for legal help, services, or representation.

    We position your brand with impactful sales copy, authoritative resources, and elements that earn and build trust with prospective clients.

    The net result?

    More appointments, walk-ins, phone calls, and lead forms filled, creating an ever-increasing pipeline of business for your firm.

    Why Work with an Award-Winning Legal SEO Services Agency?

    Legal SEO is highly competitive, nuanced, and complex. From navigating compliance in marketing, to finding unique opportunities for growth while avoiding expensive pitfalls, you need an SEO agency in your corner that ‘gets it’.

    Tap Into Decades of Expertise and Hit the Ground Running

    Hiring Boosted Lab for your legal services SEO is like tossing gasoline on a spark. We help your firm establish a strong presence online, backed by battle-tested SEO strategies that are proven to drive performance where it matters most.

    Put simply, we have the experience, resources, and talent to level up your law firm.

    Save Time, Resources, and Frustration

    As a true partner, we work with you to align our SEO strategies with your entire marketing mix, as well as short, medium, and long-term goals. Leveraging these synergies enhances efficiency, improve ROI across the board, and drives revenue and growth in a consistent and reliable manner.

    Ensure Your Firm is Following Google Best Practices and Avoids Penalties

    Google looks at more than 200 factors when determining which web pages should show up and in what order for a given web query.

    This algorithm undergoes several major updates yearly with 100s of minor updates along the way. We ensure your law firm is always in alignment with what’s working TODAY, not last week or last month.
    Performance Audit Services

    Is Your Business Showing Up on Google?


    Comprehensive SEO Services Customized for Each Client

    In today’s technological age, your website is a digital representation of your practice. And just like your practice you want your website to be clean, clear, and up to date. You want patients and potential patients to feel welcome and confident in your business. At Boosted Lab, we make sure that your website perfectly represents you and your practice. Some of the SEO services we offer include:

    Google My Business Listing and Optimization

    On-page website optimizations

    User experience enhancement

    Conversion rate optimization

    Backlink strategies

    Press and media coverage

    Content strategy, planning, and execution

    Social media integration

    Patient journey optimization

    Technical SEO

    Speed optimization and security

    Google Analytics setup and optimization

    Local search optimization

    Click to call implementation

    Keyword research

    Competitive intelligence

    SEO Services that Really Work

    Our mission is to grow your business, reach new heights, get you on the first page of search engine results, and more. We've established ourselves in the digital marketing space as the best agency for marketing ROI and customer satisfaction. Our Fort Worth SEO services are tried and true for real results.

    Here's what one of our recent clients have to say about our services:

    What can I say about Boosted Lab. Anton has been exceptional. I was working with a big time website developer, and after several headaches, decided to switch over to Boosted Lab. And boy was it the right decision. His web services are top notch. Anton responds to all of my concerns almost immediately. This is compared to 1-2 weeks I had to wait for a response for a simple request with my previous developers. Working with Boosted Lab is like having your own developer and marketing agency all at once. Not only did they develop my incredible website, but Anton also has substantially helped me with SEO services. I have and will continuously refer Boosted Lab to anyone who needs a top notch website developer, SEO service, and marketing agency.

    A Fort Worth SEO Company & More

    As you may have noticed, we are obsessed with SEO. We live and breathe it every day, in fact. In addition, we provide expert web design servicespaid ad campaigns (PPC), and social media marketing. We take pride in being a full service digital marketing and advertising agency.

    There is no denying the power of search engines like Google. Internet marketing has evolved to a vast community with powerful tools and accessible features. Your customers deserve to be able to easily find your products and services. Our SEO company can supercharge your business by showcasing your amazing offerings to Fort Worth, TX customers and beyond. Our SEO designs may vary from city to city, niche to niche, but the core fundamentals are the same for effective marketing results.

    Digital Marketing With Your Business Needs as the Top Priority

    When you work with Boosted Lab’s Fort Worth SEO team, you don’t just get top-quality marketing and custom web services. You get experienced partners you can trust and who are dedicated to your success. We make sure to address your needs and wants at every step. We have seen our partners grow from small to large, from large to massive, and we take pride in seeing the fruits of labor. There are no shortcuts to success – just hard work and dedication. As a premier digital marketing agency, we realize each client is a unique entity. Our team takes the time to get to understand your mission in order to help you reach your goals and beyond.

    Grow Your Law Firm Organically with Award-Winning:

    Gain access to the top strategies used by nationally ranking law firms and get establish the competitive advantage your law firm deserves.

    Technical SEO

    Search Engine Optimization

    Google Business Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Content Marketing

    Press & Media


    How Can We Help You?

    Our team is standing by and ready to transform your business ideas into reality. Let's chat!

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